July 29, 2009

one month

last week i decided to go one month without wearing makeup or straightening my hair.

i’m not one of those girls who can’t leave the house without putting makeup on, so it’s not like that. i also don’t straighten my hair every single day. however, i do feel much prettier when i’m wearing makeup or when i have straight hair, even if it’s pulled back. so i was looking at myself in the mirrors in the fitting room at work (like i usually do) and i realized that i want to go an extended period of time without doing either of those things, and i want to allow God to use that time to reveal to me that i am beautiful without those specific artificial helpers. i believe God put a lot of hard work into creating me and He made me to be beautiful, inside and out. i want to believe that and live like it. i’m hoping in the next month, God will truly open my eyes and allow me to see myself as His beautiful daughter; one who was created in Love and with a wonderful plan for my life.

that’s the plan, man.