April 22, 2009


[a little late for Easter, but still good]
I found this little gem when I was doing research for a paper the other day.

God's resurrection of Jesus vindicates his scandalous death as truly messianic.

I read it and smiled because it's so simple and so true. Jesus died a painful and humiliating death that was lost on many. Almost everyone couldn't see the point in such a depressing moment. So many people lost all of their hope along with His death. It was scandalous and almost embarrassing in a way; the supposed Savior of the world, hanging on a tree. But look what God did with it. His resurrection vindicated His death. Without the resurrection, Jesus' death meant nothing; it would have been an extremely negative event. He would have died, and that would have been the end. So much for the Savior. But because of God's act of resurrection, His death truly means something. He is the Messiah. He is risen.