November 17, 2008

I Am Land

Land that drinks in the rain often falling on it and that produces a crop useful to those for whom it is farmed receives the blessing of God.
Hebrews 6:7

I'm starting to think that maybe I got more out of my quiet time when I actually made an attempt to comprehend it and blog about it later, so here we are.

I am land.
I am land that receives a lot of rain. The rain that often falls on me is of God. God pours so much into my life on a daily basis. I really love being at school because I pray the most when I walk around campus outside. Even when I'm freezing cold and in seven layers (while some people still walk around with flip-flops and/or shorts ha), there is so much to thank God for. He just pours and pours and pours out blessings on me. It rains all the time on my life, in the best possible way. So that's step 1: Rain.
Step 2 belongs to me. With all that God has poured on my life, on my land, I should be producing a useful crop. There is plenty being poured upon me, so it's my job to turn around and produce good crop. What I receive in my life should be obvious to everyone around me. I should be able to remain faithful and joyful knowing that God is blessing me every second. My crop can be joy and thankfulness that really shows everyone around me (perhaps, "those for whom it is farmed") how blessed I am.
Step 3: receive the blessing of God.

So really it comes full circle.
I receive countless, wonderful blessings from God.
I live my life in a way that shows how thankful I am to a gracious, giving God.
I receive more wonderful blessings from God.

I think I'll save the opposing verse for a blog tomorrow.